• What type of machines (equipment) do you offer?

    We operate 2 and 4 person Kawasaki Teryx Side-by-Side ATVs (SxS).

    Our machines are equipped with a hard-top roof and doors; rear view mirror, half-windshield with canard to direct the wind up and away, electronic power steering, electric start, 4 stroke motors, reverse, and 4WD. Each has a glove compartment and rear cargo box with tie-down hooks.

    The 2 person machines have small, reasonably protected storage compartments. If you intend to carry extra gear, food, etc., Bring a cooler and some straps to secure it in the cargo box.

    Machines are powered with an 800CC engine that produces approximately 85 HP (Kawasaki does not publish HP statistics. They have a top speed in the low 60 MPH range but are governed at 50 MPH maximum.

    50 MPH is plenty for our area given the relatively rough, undulating and winding trail system. They are agile, comfortable and powerful.

    They do NOT come with winches.

  • Where are you located and how close to the trails are you?

    We are literally on the trails. We sit trail-side at the junction of trails 63, 8 & 31 in NW Sawyer County, WI.

    All rentals (except those requesting delivery service) depart from our Hayward, Wisconsin location 13679 W Thannum Fire Lane, Hayward, WI 54843. We are halfway between Cable and Hayward, WI off US Hwy 63

    If you requested delivery, please be sure and coordinate delivery and pickup times with us at least two days in advance. To find us using Google Maps copy this link into your internet browser:

  • What is the cancellation Policy?

    Cancellations 15 or more days prior to the start of the rental receive a full refund, less a $75 per reservation Cancellation Fee. Cancellations made within 14 days of the start date receive a fifty percent (50%) refund and forfeit any remaining balance.

  • What are your trails like?

    Awesome. In our opinion some of the best in the world.Our trail system has over 1000 miles of trails. These course through thick forest that circumnavigate past many lakes, rivers and streams. Most people have no problem navigating the trails if they’ve come prepared (see below). Wildlife such as black bear, timberwolves, fox, coyotes, fishers, porcupines, deer, beaver, otters, etc. abound in our area. Guests may encounter these forest inhabitants. Respect them, don’t try and chase or approach them and you both can be on your way.
    There are trail-side resorts and quaint family owned establishments that make great places to stop.
    None of these are in the actual designated forests so don’t expect to see one every 15 minutes. You are off-roading through private, county, state and federal forests.
    Trails are often muddy and you will get dirty. Generally, trail-side businesses welcome courteous ATVers dirt and all. Most will have special places to store your helmet. Wipe muddy shoes or boots.

  • How much does it cost? How long do you rent machines for?

    The price of the machine depends on whether you chose a 2 or 4 person machine; how long you want to rent for; time of the year.

    Currently, our lowest rates start at $269 for a 2 person, off-season machine. Rates can run as high as $499. For current pricing go to our booking page and select the type, quantity of machines and anticipated start date.

    We rent SxS ATVs for 4 hours, daily (7 hrs from 10am-5pm), 23 hours (overnight) from 10am-9am, 31 hours (from 10am – 5pm following day), 2 days (10 am to 9am on day 3), 3 day, 4 day, 5 day, 6 day and 7 day.

    Our cheapest rates are going to be from mid-May to mid-June then the second half of August through October. Furthermore, we often discount week days.

    We do have group rates (4 or more) plus military, veteran and first responder discounts of 10%.

    Contact us at 715-222-9911 for details.

  • How old do I need to rent?

    This is a multipart part question. To rent you need a state-issued automobile license, be at least 18 years old and have a major credit card. To OPERATE (i.e., driver) you must have a state-issued automobile license, be 18 years old and if required, have an ATV Operators Safety Certificate.

    If you were born on or after January 1, 1988 you will need a state-issued ATV Operators Safety Certificate. WI DNR has an online course (visit https://dnr.wisconsin.gov/Education/OutdoorSkills/safetyEducation) and generally has reciprocity with other states that issue similar safety certificates.

    Passengers do not require any operating certificate. They should be tall enough so that their feet touch the floor of the vehicle. if you were born before January 1, 1988, or are a passenger you do not need an ATV Operator’s Safety Certificate.

  • Do I need guide service; what's involved in your guided excursions?

    The trails wind through thick forests past many lakes, rivers and streams. The terrain is undulating (hilly) and somewhat rocky – we are on a glacial moraine. The trails are typically cut out of the forest and moderately improved meaning they are somewhat graded. There are trail signs and markers.

    We provide a trail map; show you how to read it; and give you a suggested route with places to stop to eat. With the aid of some GPS programs, trail map, and/or compass many people have no difficulty finding their way around.

    That being said it is not uncommon for people to get lost. More often than not, though, people seem to find there way. Some come back late (sometimes quite late) but we have never had a renter not come back.

    Foliage, terrain, etc to obscure trail signs. Mother nature may also decide it’s time to knock down a sign or wash out a trail section. GPS and cell phone signals can be disrupted due to the thick forest canopy.

    Game trails or an occasional logging road may fool you into thinking it’s a trail junction.

    Our guided excursions are designed to take the worry out of getting lost. This allows renters to enjoy the beauty of the area, catch wildlife sightings and visit some pretty incredible resorts, establishments you might not ordinarily visit. The guides insight and ability to provide assistance is invaluable.

    We will do our best to help prepare you for your excursion whether you select guided or unguided service. At the end of the day: you decide what’s best for you.

  • What's Included with my SxS rental?

    Kawasaki Teryx Side-by-Side ATV, trail map, suggested route and recommended places to stop.

    Popular options include delivery service, prepaid fuel option, trip interruption program, guide service, apparel rental and helmet rental.).

    Our helmets are generally “MX” style (open face) and goggles are included. Otherwise you may use your shatter-proof glasses or goggles.

  • How do I go about renting?

    Before you proceed read the very first FAQ item: How it works – Rental Process Overview.

    To reserve 24/7 on our website: Go to the UTV section of our website and select the number of 2 and 4 person SxS’s you wish to rent and then select the date, from the calendar, with the date you want to start your rental. The website will let you know the available rental durations (from 4 hours to 7 days) and the price.

    If you wish to proceed with the reservation select the available duration to be brough to a section where we gather information about you. The next page will then provide optional services such as prepaid fuel, delivery, etc. Finally you will provide your credit card information and pay online. After the reservation is complete you will receive (via email) a booking reservation confirmation and receipt. Follow the instructions in there

    To book over the phone call us at 715-222-9911. We will need to know the number of 2 and 4 person machines you want; the day(s) you wish to rent; whether you want guided or unguided service. We will then provide you with prices and options. If you wish to rent you may then provide us with credit card information over the phone or we can send you a link so you can pay online.

  • What do you suggest I bring to my SxS rental?

    Drivers and operators’ licenses, camera, cash and credit card; fully charged phone GPS enabled; compass, dust masks or bandanas to mitigate trail dust effects; extra shoes/clothes to change out of after the ride, dust mask, rain gear. Dress appropriately and in layers. We suggest you pack an outer layer such as a breathable rain suit, gloves even on bright and relatively warm days. It’s a lot cooler in the forests especially when moving.