Navigating the Trails

Helpful Tips for Navigating the Trail System

  • Before you headout, download a GPS app called “Ride Command” that Polaris offers.  It has many of the  area’s major trails.

  • Always take one of the paper Sawyer County Snowmobile ATV Alliance trail maps with you.  Review your route ahead of time.  (See the link to our 4 and 7 hour suggested routes).

  • Before you headout open up Google Maps or Mapquest and enter a destination such as Lakewoods Resort in Cable, WI, and start the directions.   Don’t listen to the turn-by-turn directions but rather use the GPS’ feature showing where you are in relation to your destination.   Furthermore such apps generally allow you to share your location (longitude and latitude with us).  Note:  we have free Runamuk Rides’ guest WiFi

  • If you think you are lost return to the last known trail location you saw and refer to the trail map.

  • When you pass a trail junction or a landmark such as a resort, intersection, etc. find your current location on the paper trail map.

  • Call or text us at 715-222-9911 if you need assistance.   If you are using a mapping app, text us your current longitude and latitude.